Give Your Love a Rose Grown Right Here In Minnesota

According to the IPSOS Floral Tracking Study, the estimated number of roses produced for Valentine‚Äôs Day is around 250 million. That’s a lot of flowers!

A rose is a timeless symbol of love, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner (just 10 days away!), the Co-op is happy to announce that we’re getting a delivery of gorgeous, Minnesota-grown roses from Len Busch Roses.

The Busch family has been growing roses in Minnesota since 1969, and today their entire greenhouse is heated with environmentally-friendly biomass boilers that burn tree trimming waste provided from the local communities. The Busch’s also use hydroponic growing systems and predator insects in place of chemical control.

While many cut flowers are sourced from outside of the US, Len Busch Roses are grown with care right here in Minnesota. By supporting a local business you not only support families and the local economy, but receive a fresher, more beautiful flower for your home or special someone.

Roses arrive at the Co-op on Feb. 8 or 9

Len Busch Roses should be arriving at the Co-op on February 8th or 9th — feel free to give us a call to check before stopping by. Single color bouquets as well as variety packs will be available for $19.99.

Flowers not your thing? The St. Peter Food Co-op & Deli offers a variety of other Valentine’s Day gift options, including candles, cards, and cupcakes. Why not pick up some organic strawberries and fair trade chocolate? Or everything you need to cook a romantic dinner together. Everyone is welcome, every day.

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