What Makes These Products So Amazing? They’re Minnesota-Made!

We’re celebrating some of our local wellness producers this week, including Herbal Beauty (based in Wells, MN) and Nature’s Excellence (based in Henderson, MN). Learn more about some of natural, Minnesota-made wellness products we’re thrilled to offer to Co-op shoppers throughout the holidays!

Herbal Beauty

Melissa Kruse is at the helm of Herbal Beauty, a local skincare line inspired by nature. Based on a 10-acre farm in southern Minnesota, Kruse and her family formulate, make, bottle, label, and market all of their own products. The line includes soaps, bath bombs, lotions, room and body sprays, body oils and fragrances, hair care, lip care, and baby products. In addition to the St. Peter Food Co-op, shoppers can find Herbal Beauty products at the Mankato Farmers’ Market during the summer months and inside Mankato’s River Hills Mall through December 24th.

“Simply put; feed your body with healthy food and water, and it will be healthy. Feed your skin with healthy skin care products, and it too will be healthy. We have made the commitment to only use ingredients that are safe, natural, and nourish your skin’s natural beauty.” – Herbal Beauty website

Why To Buy:

  • Locally handcrafted in small batches.
  • Organic, sustainable, local, and fair trade ingredients used whenever possible (fair trade shea butter; camellina oil grown and pressed in southern Minnesota; local beeswax; organic and sustainable palm oil).
  • Plant based oils and 100% pure essential oils.
  • Free from sulfates, parabens, fragrance oils, mineral oils, and artificial preservatives.

Nature’s Excellence

Founded by Karl Wolter and based in Henderson, MN, Nature’s Excellence provides the Co-op with high quality Nature’s Treasures Essential Oils (found in the Wellness Department). The vendors who supply oils for Nature’s Excellence hold multiple certifications (including USDA organic) and have state of the art facilities to ensure that customers receive pure, potent, quality products with each purchase.

Wondering about a particular scent? In-store testers are available for all of the Nature’s Treasures essential oils carried at the Co-op. Nature’s Excellence only sells their products to co-ops, salons, and spas, so you won’t find these products at a traditional grocery store!

Why to Buy:

  • Oils of the highest therapeutic grade.
  • Local, family-owned and operated business for over 20 years.
  • Prioritizes organic farms, food, and ingredients.
  • Direct distribution allows for lower pricing than other essential oils on the market.
  • Who wouldn’t like some help relaxing around the holidays?

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