2017 Official Notice of Annual Meeting and Board Elections

We’re pleased to announce the five candidates running for the St. Peter Food Co-op’s Board of Directors!

For this year’s election, the St. Peter Food Co-op is excited to offer electronic voting. Voting will open at 8:00 AM CST on Thursday, September 28th and will remain open until 2:00 PM CST on Friday, October 20th. Co-op owners will receive an email or letter in the mail with instructions on how to vote for the candidates of their choice. If you are unable to vote electronically, the Co-op’s staff will be happy to help you cast your ballot in the store.

All Co-op owners are invited to this year’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 26th. The meeting will be held at the store (228 W. Mulberry) starting at 5:00 PM. Our General Manager, Margo O’ Brien, will be giving a presentation on the impact of Co-ops locally, nationally, and internationally. Local food vendors will have samples, and dinner will be catered by our deli. We will also have a cash bar – your first one is on us. We hope to see you there!

St. Peter Food Co-op Board of Directors Candidates

Each numbered answer corresponds to the numbered questions below:

  1. Why would you like to serve on the St. Peter Food Co-op Board of Directors?
  2. What skills, experiences, or expertise would you bring to the Board that would directly contribute to the fulfillment of Board responsibilities and expectations? Include any involvement with the Saint Peter Food Co-op, other cooperative enterprises, other boards, or non-profit organizations.
  3. Please review the cooperative principles, discuss which one is most meaningful to you and why.
  4. What opportunities and challenges do you envision for the future of the St. Peter Food Co-op?
  5. Why do you believe member-owners should choose you to represent them?

The Co-operative Principles:

  1. Voluntary & Open Membership
  2. Democratic Member Control
  3. Members Economic Participation
  4. Autonomy & Independence
  5. Education, Training & Information
  6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives
  7. Concern for Community

a photo of Tressa Bushaw

Tressa Bushaw

Accountant, MSU-Mankato BS

  1. I have enjoyed my work on the board this term and look forward to continuing the great work we are doing.    I have served on the board for 3 terms now.
  2. As a accountant, I have strong accounting skills & as a small business owner in St. Peter I am passionate about our town.
  3. #7 Concern for the community.  As a business owner in St.Peter, I am vested in the success of our town.  I believe in working together & supporting each other for the good of our community.
  4. Now that we have settled into our new location, growing the brand and building our membership base are top priority.
  5. The Food Coop has become a cornerstone of our community.  I am passionate about what it stands for and the resources it offers.

A photo of Joan EastonJoan Easton

Retired professor, PhD

  1. I would like to serve on the Co-op Board because it is an opportunity to support the Co-op and the important work it does as a focal point of the St. Peter community.
  2. I have worked with a local co-operative Country Market Board in Ireland, a halfway house in Ohio, and a Montessori school in Vietnam. I can provide strategic planning and community organizing skills.
  3. #7- Education, training and information, because it involves concern for the community and the future of its members.
  4. Opportunity: growth in the younger demographic and young people’s concern for sustainability. Challenges: enlisting more small suppliers; cost increases; accessibility to low-income customers.
  5. I am a creative thinker and problem solver, a dedicated and engaged member of the community, and have years of experience working with people from a variety of settings that I can bring to the table.

A photo of Susan Genelin McPartlandSusan Genelin McPartland

Para – Elementary School, Le Sueur High School

  1. I would have an opportunity to support and impact a business that I enjoy frequenting. I would like to use my skills and ideas to assist in possible growth.
  2. President – Women Executives in Business; Womens’ Leadership Grad – Mkto.; Marketing/Sales consultant SMIF, and SBDC.; Fortune 500  Manager- set expectations for employees and vendors.
  3. #7- Concern for the community hits the core of why the coop exists.  A business needs to be sustainable and must focus on members needs at the same time.  Without both of those there would be no coop.
  4. Challenges: Keeping the costs low enough that it doesn’t deter people from eating healthy. Opportunity:  Possibly extend the vision of the geographical area the coop serves.  Catering”
  5. I am a relatively new owner that lives outside of St Peter community. This could give me a different viewpoint.  I have had leadership experience and training. I believe in what the coop represents.

A photo of Cole TurritinCole Turrittin

Warehouse Manager – State Hospital, MBA Carlson School of Management (2018)

  1. I appreciate the evolving role the Co-op has played in St. Peter’s market place and its responsibility to the community. This is a chance to give back to a business my family truly appreciates.
  2. I bring extensive experience in food service and warehouse operations, and an academic focus on strategic growth and consumer insight. I served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for St. Peter.
  3. #7- Concern for the community is a value that sets the Co-op apart from other businesses. I feel like my patronage is improving the neighborhoods around me.
  4. The threat of competition from retailers expanding their organic offering can create future challenges. The connection to local producers is something I would like to see explored further.
  5. As a board member I will bring a unique mix of experience and educational background that will contribute to the Co-op’s success as a business but also enhance the customer experience.

A photo of Daniel ZimmerliDaniel Zimmerli

Farmer/IT, B.A. History – Gustavus Adolphus College

  1. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with both members and board members to continue to make the St. Peter Food Co-op the best destination in the area for local, organic food.
  2. As a produce farmer, a board member of the Mankato Area Growers Associate, a career in information technology, and a degree in history I have a strong skillset that would aid the Board in its mission.
  3. #7- Concern for Community is the most meaningful to me. The Co-op is a great way to strengthen community through the purchase of local food and local products while also acting as a central meeting place.
  4. Challenge: staying competitive with services like Blue Apron becoming increasingly popular and easy to use. Opportunity: continuing to focus on the local products and community aspects of the Co-op.
  5. Owners should choose me to represent them because I bring the perspective of a farmer to the table and believe in the importance of community and buying local.

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