Co-op 101: Co+op Basics

What does it mean? Maybe you haven’t noticed these purple circle signs throughout the St. Peter Food Co-op, but there’s one really great reason why you should start paying attention… They will save you money!

Co+op Basics offer everyday low prices on popular grocery and household items, and these low prices are for all shoppers (versus Owner Specials, which are only available to St. Peter Food Co-op owners—learn more about becoming an owner). Co+op Basics help you save on the essentials and get more for less every day—not just during the holidays or other special sales.

You may have noticed that many of these more affordable choices are from the Field Day brand. Field Day offers everyday low prices on many popular grocery and household items, from cooking oils to dry goods. We love Field Day because most of their food products are certified organic and made in the USA (some items may have imported ingredients). To be certified organic, a product can’t contain GMOs, but for those products that are not certified organic, Field Day has made a commitment to non-GMO sourcing, as well. Field Day is just one example—you can find plenty of other brands with the Co+op Basics signs.

Look for the purple Co+op Basics signs in virtually every aisle of the store for low prices on canned vegetables and beans, pasta, olive oil, personal care items, household cleaners, and more. Stretch your budget, save on essentials, and maybe you’ll feel like splurging on something a little extra special next time you shop (Carmen’s freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies come highly recommended)!

Don’t forget to take advantage of these other great ways to save when shopping the St. Peter Food Co-op:

  • Co+op Deals – Sales focused on packaged grocery.
  • Fresh Deals – Weekly sales focused on fresh produce, meat/seafood and deli.
  • Owner Specials – Ownership has its perks! These are special sales just for you.
  • Bulk – Save when buying just what you need—from a pinch to a pound.

You can find a complete review of all of the signs found throughout our store here. See you at the Co-op!


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