Greenwald’s Greenhouse

Audene started asking her mother and grandmother about plants when she was a little girl. She told me, “I thought my grandmother would get sick of me asking her what every plant was, but she never did.” Audene’s mother and grandmother were avid gardeners, and she continued the green thumb goodness with opening Greenwald’s Greenhouse around 45 years ago, with the help of her husband. Eventually, the greenhouse grew with the care of knowledge of a well-run family business.

Back in the day, Audene personally delivered the flower bouquets to the first Co-op storefront. She used to also deliver some plants and herbs.  Now, you can still see those beautiful flower bouquets as you enter the store (and very reasonably priced, indeed!). She told me, “I’ve always loved the Co-op. That’s why I do it.” Another reason why Audene keeps up the business well is that, as she says, “you always meet great people.” And great people, they are!

Right now, Audene’s enjoying the blooms of a sugar daddy petunia that her grandmother passed down to her. When I asked her if there was anything new on the horizon, she mentioned that many old plants are gaining popularity and the geraniums are really fun right now. She says, “I fell and broke my pelvis this winter, so recovery’s been long. I’m just grateful to be able to be out here, doing what I’m doing.”

If you plan to visit Greenwald’s Greenhouse, prepare to be amazed! They specialize in all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants, floral arrangements for weddings and funerals, and local gifts. Business hours are every day except Sunday.

Thank you, Greenwald’s Greenhouse, for all that you do for the Co-op and our local communities!

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