Herbal Beauty

The calendula is a favorite of Melissa Kruse’s right now, an herb that she has been growing and harvesting for many of their product lines. She first fell in love with the beauty of herbs in 2003 while taking a summer course in Utah about different types of medicinal herbs, including the Yucca. “I was going to school for health and nutrition in Bozeman, but this class really sparked my path,” she told me. Herbal Beauty was born in 2010, with them first selling products at the River Hills Mall kiosks and then things shifted to craft shows and farmer’s markets and online sales. We are happy to have had their products at the Co-op for thirteen years!

Some  products in the Wellness Aisle include all-natural soaps, hand and body lotion, and shampoo and conditioners. All of their products are plant-based, making them gentle on skin and hair, and more absorbable in the skin than mineral-oil based products.  The only scents foraged into any of their products come from their unique, in-house scent blends. She told us, “an all-time favorite by customers is the vanilla body lotion. Always popular.” They’re currently releasing a spring line with lilac body spray, lotion, and soap, which should be something on our shelves soon!

Some other places one can find their products include Salvage Sisters, the Mankato Farmer’s Market, and the City Center Market in Cambridge. When asked about any new things to share, she told us to watch for a new branding on the horizon. She was also excited to talk about expanding the business’s herbal extracts and increasing educational offerings about herbs.  We are inspired to see how things continue to grow in sustainable ways! For more information, check out HERBAL BEAUTY.

Thank you for all that you do for the Co-op and our local communities!


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