Mother’s Day Crafts at Home

Mother’s Day is May 10th! Here are a couple ideas if you’re looking to make your own DIY gift this year, or just want a project to tackle together at home on the big day.

Make a Handmade Card

We love this tutorial on using the leftover cardboard from rolls of toilet paper and paper towels to make heart-shaped stamps! All you’ll need are cardboard rolls, rubber bands, and paint.

Grow Something Together

Pick up an organic garden plant from the St. Peter Food Co-op as a gift. You can plant it together, watch it grow each week, and eventually harvest the (delicious) goods. Starting May 7th, we’ll have plenty of options, including things like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, basil, eggplant, and even watermelon!

Paint a Rock Portrait

Do you have a rock, paint, and paintbrushes? Try your hand at painting a portrait of your mom as a gift.

Play A Game

Print and color this free fortune teller. It’s full of fun activities for kids to do to show their love and share memories they have with their mom.

Cook A Meal

What meal does your mom love the most? Pick up all of the ingredients you need from the St. Peter Food Co-op and cook it together or for her as a surprise (make sure to ask an adult for help!). Here’s an idea of what kinds of things we carry.

Decorate the House

Use a stapler and scraps of colorful paper to build this heart-shaped paper wreath.

When in Doubt… Flowers

The Co-op will have plenty of fresh cut flowers in stock leading up to May 10. If you’re ordering grocery pickup, just add a bunch to your order. We’re open from 8am-8pm daily if you’d prefer to come in and pick them out yourself.

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