5 Out-of-This-World Co-op Sandwiches You Don’t Want to Miss

Did you know that August is National Sandwich Month? We’re celebrating one of our favorite, most versatile food staplesthe perfect combo of meat and bread! We love the possibilities of sandwiches… anything is possible. Sandwiches can be as simple or complex as you choose.

At the St. Peter Food Co-op, sandwiches have always been a signature of our store. Read on for some mouth-wateringly delicious photos of our top five best-selling sandwiches. Then, get yourself over here to try one for lunch!

The Schwarma – $8.99

a photo of the Schwarma sandwich

In the past year, we’ve sold over 6,000 Schwarmas! They’re the perfect combo of grilled chicken breast, feta, bacon, red onions, dill pickles, tomatoes, spinach, and our very own house-made garlic lemon aioli on toasted naan bread.

The Pesto Aioli – $7.99

a photo of the pesto aioli sandwich

Grilled, all natural Amish chicken breast, basil pesto, fresh vegetables, and local provolone cheese on ciabatta bread… divine!

The Chimayó – $7.99

a photo of the Chimayó sandwich

Pronounced chee-my-oH, this sandwich features local, house-made sliced smoked turkey, caramelized onions, red bell pepper, pepper jack cheese, romaine lettuce, and house-made chipotle mayo on toasted sourdough bread.

The Cuban – $6.99

a photo of the Cuban sandwich

You don’t want to miss our house-made Healthy brand pulled pork, Beelers ham, swiss cheese, house-made chipotle mayo, and dill pickles on toasted ciabatta bread. YUM.

The BBQ Pulled Pork – $6.99

a photo of the BBQ pulled pork sandwich

Slow roasted Healthy brand pulled pork smothered in local Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauce and melted local cheddar cheese on sourdough bread.

Deli Hours: 11 AM-8 PM – Monday through Saturday; 10 AM-8 PM on Sundays

The St. Peter Food Co-op Deli serves hot and cold made-to-order sandwiches; a self-serve hot bar with hearty, homemade entrees; a fresh salad bar; a build-your-own-burrito bar; and three daily soup options. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and a delectable baked good and settle into our cafe-style seating area or snag a spot outside. We are vegetarian and vegan friendly!

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