30 Ways To Use Those Never-ending Cucumbers

We love these veggies that are 90% water! However, as any home gardener knows, cucumbers tend to multiply rapidly. Here are 30 different ways to use up those cool, crisp cukes. 

  1. Peel, slice, and freeze them to use keep your smoothies cold without using ice throughout the year.
  2. Cold cucumber soup
  3. Make batches of delicious refrigerator pickles for all of your neighbors. 
  4. Donate them to a local food bank.
  5. Cucumber shrub.
  6. Set up a cucumber-infused water cooler at work. 
  7. Use them up for pest control
  8. Cucumber stir fry
  9. Batter and fry them, State Fair style
  10. Experiment with fermented cucumber kimchi.
  11. Apple cucumber chutney (it tastes better than it looks). 
  12. Give them away to your friends. 
  14. Return them from whence they came by composting them back into your garden soil. 
  15. Two words: Cucumber Granita
  16. Blend them, strain the juice, and make a mixer (add soda water, sugar, and spirit of your choosing). 
  17. Build the perfect cucumber sandwich
  18. Cucumber infused vodka
  19. Get rid of that bad breath – hold a slice of cucumber between your tongue and the roof of your mouth for about 90 seconds. 
  20. Cucumbers are good for chickens – find a local farm or urban homesteader to donate them to. 
  21. Marinate them
  22. Spiralize them for cucumber spaghetti – the kids will love it!
  23. Cucumber salsa
  24. Carve them into edible cucumber cups for your next party. 
  25. Put them in salads
  26. Cucumber pizza
  27. Make cucumber puree, freeze in cubes, and enjoy cucumber margaritas all summer long. 
  28. Tzatziki.
  29. Plan a spa night – cucumbers are full of antioxidants. 
  30. Cucumber ice-pops.

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