Recipe: Springtime Avocado Toast

Enjoy the simplicity of this winning avocado toast. Having friends over for breakfast or lunch? Try a make-your-own avocado toast buffet, with a couple of choices of hearty bread to toast and additional toppings.

Recipe: Asparagus Stir-Fry

It takes three years for a good harvest of asparagus once it’s been planted. But it’s so worth the wait. This stir-fry takes full advantage of asparagus’ distinctive and delicious flavor.

Recipe: Asiago Garlic Baked Penne

A sumptuous Asiago cream sauce makes this garlicky chicken and pasta dish decidedly delicious. This makes a big pan full of dinner — all you need is a salad to have a complete meal.

Recipe: Honey-Bourbon Glazed Ham Steaks

Accompany this dish with baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli and homemade whole-wheat dinner rolls! This recipe is so flexible, it’s easy to make it with one 8-ounce ham steak and half of the sauce, if you just want two servings, or double it for 8 people.

Q&A with Ben Penner Farms

March is National Flour Month, so we spent some time chatting with local producer Ben Penner of Ben Penner Farms. Penner has been farming in Minnesota since the fall of 2009, and grows alfalfa, hard red winter and spring wheat, and food-grade soybeans. All of his wheat and flour is certified organic by MOSA and is stone milled and packaged by a miller with 40 years of experience. Keep reading to learn more about Ben Penner Farms and read more about our local producers.