2016 Board President’s Report

A message from Kyle Chambers, Board President


Now that the St. Peter Food Co-op is well-established in its new location, over the past year, your Directors on the Board have been working diligently to plan for the Co-op’s future by revising and updating our Ends Statement. The Ends Statement is a succinct description of our collective aspirations for the Co-op—what we as Owners would like to see as outcomes in the future, what the Co-op should strive to achieve through day-to-day activities, and whom will benefit from these accomplishments. The Ends should reflect the values and vision of our Owners and position the Co-op to make a well-defined impact. Therefore, the Board has been engaged in conversations, research, and education to help us articulate the Co-op’s desired impact.


Below, you will see the product of our efforts—a new Ends Statement. We hope that you will agree that it provides the Co-op with challenging but attainable objectives that will serve our Owners well and continue to nourish our community. The Board thanks you for your continued support of the Co-op and your active participation in our association… stronger together!


Ends Statement


  1. Shoppers have goods and services that nourish people and the planet.
  2. Everyone has opportunities to make connections and build relationships in a fun, inclusive gathering-place.
  3. Owners have facilities and operations that promote environmental stewardship.
  4. Employees have a just workplace where every voice is valued and respected.
  5. Our community has access to resources and knowledge about how each person can contribute to personal, community, and environmental health.

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