Five Tips For Even Better Lunch Boxes

School is back, and that means it’s time to pack lunches again! Stop by the St. Peter Food Co-op to pick up everything you need for healthy, nutritious, and fun meals for all ages. We’re talking snacks you wouldn’t mind sneaking on your way to work (shhh… we won’t tell). Here are five tips for even better boxes:

Mix & Match Breads

Whole grains are healthiest, but perhaps your child doesn’t have the taste for it yet. Swap out just one piece of their bread on a sandwich with whole grain while leaving the other one white. It might be just enough to help ease their taste buds over to the healthy side.

DIY Lunches

Independent kids might get more enjoyment out of their lunch if they’re the ones who get to assemble it. Pack their box with a pita or wrap and all of the individual ingredients, then let them put it all together at lunchtime. Voilà—they’re occupied, eating, and learning to take agency over their food choices.

Bite Size It

Think about how fun it is to eat appetizers at a party—cute little bites of food that have been prepared just for you. Now take this mindset to the lunchbox. We’re talking melon balls, chopped apples, peeled mandarin segments, cherry tomatoes, edamame, cheese cubes,

Put It On A Stick

From state fairs to backyard grilling, we all love eating food off sticks, right? Deconstruct a sandwich and thread the ingredients onto a skewer—cubes of bread, cheese, cold cuts, and veggies. Add condiments “dipping sauces” to the box in small, reusable containers. Try fruit kebabs, veggie skewers, or even a charcuterie theme with salami, pickles, olives, and crackers on the side.

When In Doubt, Check Instagram

We might not all have time to make boxes as elaborate as these influencers, but it’s so hard to look away! Check out hashtags like #BentoBoxLunch, #LunchBoxIdeas, and #KidsLunchBoxes for some inspiration but don’t stress if your own lunches don’t look so hashtag pretty. The most important thing is that your kid is eating healthy on a regular basis! You’re doing such a great job.

Stop by the St. Peter Food Co-op for everything back-to-school this season, including a variety of sustainable and reusable food containers.

Have a lunchbox tip to share with the world? Let us know in the comments below!


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