We Heart Hot Sauce, Yes We Do

January 22nd is National Hot Sauce Day and we’re happy to share an interview with local producer Mark Porisch of Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing. Mark’s small batch, award-winning sauces are made right here in Minnesota, and they’re perfect for your game day wings, meatballs, casseroles, and dips.

Mark has been using locally grown, organic peppers for several years now, and in 2017 found a large-scale grower from Cannon Falls, MN that supplies almost all the peppers he needs for the year. His sauces are low in sodium (40mg per 1 tsp serving) with no fat, cholesterol, or carbohydrates. They’re also vegan!

Hot Sauce Q&A with Mark Porisch of Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing

How did Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing get started?

I was at a local watering hole after a volleyball game, drinking beer and eating popcorn with hot sauce on it. Someone asked, “How do you make hot sauce?” So, I went home and found a recipe for Louisiana-style hot sauce on the internet, and with a garden full of jalapeno peppers, I made my first batch of hot sauce.

What do you use hot sauce on?

I use the milder sauces (Big Jim, Rudolph’s, Cherry Bomb) on egg sandwiches, omelets, and pizza. The medium hot sauces (Jalapeno, Ripe Jalapeno and Serrano, Red Rocket) I use on Southwestern dishes, like tacos and enchiladas. The hot ones (Thai, “13”, Habanero) I use in soups, stews and bloody marys.

The super hots are way to hot for my taste. I tried to use them to melt ice dams on my roof, but the shingles melted (just kidding)!

What’s coming for up for Lucky’s this winter/spring?

I will be producing a “Small Batch Smoked Series” of hot sauces, featuring Big Jim (a variety of mild Anaheim pepper), Red Rocket (a NewMex variety with medium heat), and Scotch Bonnet (a hot, fruity pepper from the Caribbean).

We’re also trying to get Lucky’s Bloody Mary mix into production. The first version will be made with Jalapeno peppers, so it will be just a bit spicy.

Bestselling hot sauces from Lucky’s in 2017:

  1. Habanero and Garlic
  2. Green Jalapeno
  3. Ripe Jalapeno

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