Q&A With Alemar Cheese Company

What’s your favorite Alemar cheese? It’s hard to pick just one… We recently talked to Alexandra Adams, manager & cheesemaker at Alemar Cheese Company about their delicious, locally-made cheese. Read on to learn more about what Alemar is all about.

What items do you regularly supply to the St. Peter Food Co-op?

We supply Bent River Camembert, Blue Earth Brie, and Good Thunder washed-rind cheese. These creamy soft-ripened cheeses (of the Brie family) are made with 100% grass-fed Minnesota cows’ milk. We source from a single family farm with pasture-raised cows. Bent River has won a number of awards from The American Cheese Society and Good Thunder boasts some amazing menu credits, from Spoon & Stable in Minneapolis to Eric Ripert’s NYC restaurants.

How did Alemar Cheese get started?

This small family business began in Mankato, with a vat and a dream. My father, who has always been food-minded, named his cheese passion project “Alemar” after my younger sister Mariel and I, Alexandra. After 10 amazing years in Southern Minnesota, we packed up and moved to the Twin Cities. We began with one product a decade ago, Bent River Camembert, and we’ve worked our way up to nine products including Fromage Blanc, Cheese Curds, and Mozzarella.

What is special about Alemar cheese?

Our cows only eat grass. EVER. These dairy cows live up to 5 times longer than a mass-market milk cow. Not only is the practice humane and natural, you can taste the difference in the flavor profile of our cheeses. The quality of the milk is the basis for a gourmet, special cheese experience.

cows grazing in a fieldWhy is local important to you?

We’re Minnesota made and grown. Our cheese was born in Mankato and bears the names of Southern Minnesota places like the Sakatah Trail and Blue Earth County. In addition, a large part of our business still comes from Minnesota buyers. St. Peter Food Co-op was the first to carry Alemar cheese in Minnesota. We’ll never forget!

Do you have a favorite cheese recipe that you can share with us?

It’s intensely simple: all that is needed is Alemar cheese, jam, and some fresh, crusty bread. Add some apple or pear slices if you’d like more crunch and acidity. There is nothing wrong with having cheese for dinner 🙂

Find Alemar Cheese Company online, on Facebook, on Instagram, and at the St. Peter Food Co-op.

All photos courtesy of Alemar Cheese Company.

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