Q&A with River Rock Kitchen & Baking Co.

River Rock Kitchen & Baking Co. is a wholesale kitchen and bakery located in St. Peter, Minnesota. We recently had a chance to chat with Montana about their delicious, made-from-scratch bread (find it at River Rock Coffee, the St. Peter Food Co-op, breweries, farmers’ markets, and other spots in the area). Read on to learn about what local means to River Rock.

What can shoppers find from River Rock Kitchen & Baking Co. at the St. Peter Food Co-op?

Organic Classic Sourdough Batard, Olive and Walnut Sourdough Batard, and Organic Midwest Multigrain Sandwich Loaf are some of the baked goods we provide to the Co-op.

How did River Rock Kitchen & Baking Co. get started?

River Rock Kitchen and Baking Co. was started four and a half years ago. I had always dreamed of owning a bakery and have always loved bread. My passion is to bring the best artisan bread, made with local and organic ingredients, utilizing traditional sourdough methods and long fermentations to Southern Minnesota. We have a commercial kitchen located right in downtown Saint Peter, only a few blocks from the Co-op. We provide products for about 13 different accounts throughout the year, from coffee shops, to co-ops, breweries, and wineries. We also sell at the North Mankato Farmers Market and the Northfield Farmers Market.

What is special about your breads?

All of our products are made from scratch every day with as many local and organic ingredients that we can source. When you start with amazing ingredients, you are bound to end up with something delicious! We feature Ben Penner Farms flour in many of our breads and also have a bread CSA this year through our friends at Little Big Sky Farm. We believe in doing business in a way that nourishes people, our community, and the earth. We love what we do and enjoy trying new things. Bread is amazing and we love learning more everyday about the craft of baking.

What other services do you offer?

We love to cater! Custom menu planning, pick up, and drop off options are available.

Why is local so important?

Supporting your local economy is so important. Spending your money where you live, with the people in your neighborhood, has a positive impact for everyone. We love being part of the Saint Peter community and that we are fortunate enough to partner with the St. Peter Food Co-op and many other small businesses in Saint Peter, Mankato, and Southern Minnesota.

Find River Rock Kitchen & Baking Co. online, on Facebook, on Instagram, and at the St. Peter Food Co-op.

This interview has been edited. All photos courtesy of River Rock Kitchen & Baking Co..

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