Order Your Direct from the Grower Blueberries

Now is the time to put in your order for premium, direct-from-the-grower Michigan blueberries! The Co-op offers an annual truckload sale during the summer. The blueberries will arrive on July 19th ($21.99 per 5 lb. case). Place your order below or sign up in the store! 2017 Blueberry orders are now closed.

Grill it Like You Mean it: Tips for your Father’s Day Cookouts

All dad wants to do is grill, so why not let him? These St. Peter Food Co-op team members are here to offer their best pieces of advice. Bring on the beef! “Stay hydrated. That’s the most important part of grilling. You have to stare at the coals as they warm up—they’re dangerous if left unsupervised—and during the process, you’d really hate to go thirsty,” says Erik Larson, Father & Co-op Produce Manager.

Your Guide to Leafy Greens

Move over, kale. There are some new greens in town and they have just as many health benefits. Read on for the Co-op lowdown on leafy greens…     Spinach: Remember this old friend? Before the kale craze, spinach was the ‘it’ green. This vegetable is full of Vitamin C and helps protect against cancer. 

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Recipe: Springtime Pesto

Spring is in the air! Leave the chilly winter behind you and start swapping out heavy comfort foods for light and tasty dishes, like this springtime pesto pasta with peas and lemon zest. Perfect with halved cherry tomatoes and snips of fresh herbs on top!   Total Time: 25 minutes Yield: 4-6 servings Ingredients: 4 

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What’s the Deal with Weirdly Shaped Vegetables and Fruits?

We’ve all seen our fair share of oddly shaped vegetables. Carrots with legs. Bulging strawberries. An eggplant with a nose. What makes vegetables occasionally take these abnormal forms?   Fruits and veggies that grow in unusual shapes are often a result of environmental conditions. Due to inadequate pollination, sections of the fruit or vegetable where 

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Recipe: Cheesy Breakfast Bake

Based in Brooten, MN, Redhead Creamery distributes their Ridicu­lously Good Cheese Curds, Lucky Linda Aged Farm­house Ched­dar, and Lit­tle Lucy Brie throughout Minnesota and beyond. Milk from the 180 cows on their farm flows directly into the on-site cheese plant, where their fresh, artisan farmstead cheese is produced. Many thanks to Redhead Creamery for perfecting 

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2016 Board President’s Report

A message from Kyle Chambers, Board President   Now that the St. Peter Food Co-op is well-established in its new location, over the past year, your Directors on the Board have been working diligently to plan for the Co-op’s future by revising and updating our Ends Statement. The Ends Statement is a succinct description of 

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Children’s Weekend Food Program

Weekend food matters for student learning and achievement. This is the mission for the Children’s Weekend Food Program (CWFP) and the message is simple: a full stomach and a healthy body are essential for success in the classroom. CWFP’s “purpose is to provide child-friendly nutritious, non-perishable food items for breakfast, lunch, and snacks for most non-school 

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